James Davidson: A Big Market Crash Is Coming Soon. It’s Inevitable…

James Dale is one of the greatest investors and economists of our time. He has been on the markets for several decades and during this time he has successfully predicted some of the biggest market crashes that that blew up the financial world for the last years:

* he successfully warned people that in 1987 the Soviet union would collapse
* he predicted the depression in Japan from 1989
* in 1999 he predicted the big DOT COM crash
* and then in 2006 he predicted the big subprime crash that smashed the major stock indexes with up to 50%

And now he says another big crash is coming. What he sees is:

What he expect to come:
* stock market crash of 50%
* real estates crash of 40%
* savings accounts losing 30%
* unemployment tripling

In this video in which he explains why exactly a big financial melt down is coming. Everybody should watch it, because if he turned out to be right, everybody will be affected. Nice watching.


I just love investing... It's a passion of mine and this is how I ended up building this site. I hope I am able to add some really cool investing stuff here.

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