Savings Interest Calculator

This is a simple savings calculator, with which you can easily calculate what you would save if you put in the bank $200 every single month for example. Simply you can see how much you can save for a certain period of time. The tool below is really simple to use. You just need to enter 3 parameters and hit the ‘Calculate’ button to see the result:



1. Amount invested each period (year/month/week, it doesn’t matter) – enter the amount of money you plan to invest each year/month.
2. The number of months/years of your investment.
2. Enter the annual interest rate.

For example: If you invest $100 each month in a bank account that yields 5% interest yearly, after a year your investment would grow to $1232.25.

That’s it, now simply hit the button below to see the result.

Amount invested each period:
Number of periods to aquire sum:
Interest rate: %

Total :

If you need a more advanced savings calculator, don’t miss out cool tool here: You can use it to make some more complicated calculations regarding your investment and you can see a nice table showing its growth. Just go and give it a shot.

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I just love investing... It's a passion of mine and this is how I ended up building this site. I hope I am able to add some really cool investing stuff here.

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