Some Of The Greatest Investors Of All Times

Investing is a cool way to make so much money, that even your wife won’t be able to spend for a lifetime. However, it’s not that easy to be a successful investor, those who made it really big are only a few and a great way to enhance your chances of catching up with them is to learn from their experience. Internet is full of information about the greatest investors of all times. You can find some cool articles on the matter on this site, by checking our¬†famous investors’ stories¬†section of the site. On this post, you can enjoy a nice infographic about some of the biggest names in the field. You can read some qurious facts about them, how they made their wealth and what each of them is famous with. Here are the short stories of Bill Miller, George Soros, Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, John Templeton, Bill Miller and last but not the least -John Rockefeller.

Some Of The Greatest Gurus In Investing


Short stories of some of the most successful investors of all times.

Short stories of some of the most successful investors of all times. An infographic by rPlan.

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