See How Exactly Wealth Is Distributed Around The World

Are you rich and how much? How do you find yourself? Did you know that all the wealth in the world is around $223 000 000 000 000? And did you know that this have doubled since year 2000? How big is your slice of the pie? Here is a nice infographic that will show you exactly how wealthy you are, compared to other people in the world. It was originally published here:

The infographic below also shows some very disturbing statistics… It shows how deep wealth inequality in the world has become. You can see for example that just 0.001% of all people possess more than 30% of all wealth in the world. There are currently 6 billion people on Earth, so 0.001% is just 91 000 people… It also shows that the poorest 40% of people, this is nearly half of the people in the world, own just 3.3% of worlds financial fortune. The gap between poor and rich people has never been wider and this is not going to lead to anything good. But this is what capitalism is, isn’t it? Wealth inequality is one of its biggest flaws and the need to solve this problem will only be getting bigger and bigger…

The distribution of wealth among all people in the world.

How wealthy are you? This infographic can give you the answer and can show you where exactly your place is, compared to other people in the world.

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