Where Are You In The World Wealth Pyramid?

What is your net worth excluding your primary home? If you are wondering what actually ‘net worth’ means, this is the wealth you own excluding all of your liabilities. This is the amount of money you would have, if you sold all of your assets and paid down all of your debt. The calculation is pretty easy and everybody could, at least tentatively, assess her net worth right on the moment. So, how much is it? Do you have more than $10 000 of net worth? This doesn’t seem much, but did you know that 68.7% of all people in the world have less than $10 000 of net wealth? You will be amazed, that the average American at age below 35 has a net worth of around just $4 500 . These are some really interesting statistics showing that having money to spend doesn’t make you wealthy. You may lease a nice car, or you may have a 5 bedroom mansion bought by a mortgage, but… This is not wealth, because this actually decreases your net worth. Statistics show that people in developed countries, who own their homes are some of the wealthiest people in the world. Some of them are placed in the top 10% on Earth (if they have more than $100 000).

Another interesting fact about this is that, according to these statistics, just 8.4% of all people in the world own 83.4% of all world wealth. Where are you in this pyramid? It would be interesting to share your opinion and thoughts as a commend below…

This pyramid shows the distribution of wealth among people in the world.

This pyramid shows the distribution of wealth among people in the world.

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